Kasabian fans give their reactions to ‘Switchblade Smiles’ – audio

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Debate underway at NME.COM/blogs

Kasabian fans have been giving their opinions on the band’s comeback single ‘Switchblade Smiles’, which you can hear by scrolling down and clicking at the bottom of the page.

The debate is underway at NME.COM/blogs now about the first track to be taken from the band’s new album ‘Velociraptor!’, which is due out on September 19.

Initial reaction has been mostly positive, but with a few dissenting voices.

NME.COM user Andy Davies loved it, calling it “Monstrously good”, as did Jordan Ray Bendall who said of the new track “Yes! Taking the best of the past albums and mixing in some new influences. This is big.”

Ahmed Salam had mixed feelings about the track, but was hopeful about the band’s new album, writing “It’s a bit of a mess yes, but I hope it works within the album. Half the tracks on ‘West Ryder’ wouldn’t sound that great on their own.”

Jack Blenkinsopp hated it however, writing: “It’s rubbish. And I like Kasabian.” NME‘s assistant reviews editor Laura Snapes was even less keen, commenting “Sounds like ‘LSF’ desperately trying to be ‘Firestarter’ by way of Queens Of The Stone Age. No thank you.”

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You can also join the debate at NME’s Facebook page.

Switchblade Smiles by kasabian