Fan involved in awkward onstage encounter with Katy Perry denies being drunk

The incident took place at Rock In Rio festival on Sunday (September 27)

A fan who kissed Katy Perry‘s neck during an awkward onstage encounter with the star in Brazil has denied that she was inebriated.

The incident took place at Rock In Rio festival on Sunday (September 27) when Perry invited the fan, thought to be called Rayane, onto the stage.

The fan appeared inebriated or under the influence of drugs (“rolling”, as Perry put it) and proceeded to kiss the singer’s neck and generally act a little overly-familiar. Watch footage below.

Now, however, the fan has taken to her Twitter account to deny that she was drunk, instead saying she was “exhausted” having travelled from the singer’s previous show in Sao Paulo earlier in the weekend.

“If they say I was drunk on laugh, they’ve never saw me drunk really, a thousand times more crazy,” she wrote on Twitter.

“The worst [part] is that I had to control the water I drank not to want to go to the bathroom.”

She also added, “People, just so you know, being called a lesbian/dyke is not offensive.”

Meanwhile, Katy Perry mentioned Rayane during her show in Curitiba on Tuesday, jokingly saying that the fan gave her the flu. Watch that moment below.