Keane at T In The Park: ‘Who the fucking hell are Blur?’

Band cover Queen during headline slot

Keane‘s Tom Chaplin took a light-hearted swipe at T In The Park headliners Blur during his band’s bill-topping slot on the NME /Radio 1 Stage tonight (July 12).

The band’s set clashed with Blur’s Main Stage show. After playing 2006 single ‘Is It Any Wonder?’, Chaplin referenced Damon Albarn and co.

“Right, I might as well repeat it, seeing as you said it,” Chaplin commented, motioning to the front rows of Keane‘s crowd, who were chanting during the downtime in their set. “For those of you at the back, they’re singing: ‘Who the fucking hell are Blur?!'” Chaplin continued, a smile spreading across his face. “Well, they’re a band from the ’90s…”, he added with a sly grin.

Previously, after finishing ‘The Lovers Are Losing’, Chaplin again spoke of Blur, this time in reference to the less-than-capacity crowd who had turned up to watch Keane‘s set. The singer attributed the low numbers to the fact that their set was on at the same time as the reunited band.

“Thank you coming to see us instead of going to see Blur,” he said. “We really appreciate it! All we ask you to do now – and we know you will anyway – is sing your fucking hearts out.” He then lead the band into a rendition of their 2004 hit ‘Everybody’s Changing’. At the song’s first chorus, Chaplin said “Let’s hear you then!” to fans.

“This is a fucking magnificent, glorious feeling, being on this stage,” he remarked at the start of ‘This Is The Last Time’, clearly enamoured with the T In The Park crowd and setting.

He repeated the sentiment several times throughout the band’s set, at one point paying tribute to T fans for being “into the music”.

During ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ Chaplin said, “This song is for you, people of Scotland – you own it!”

Keane were backed throughout their set with an additional bass player, whose instrument was emblazoned with a Melvins sticker.

Towards the end of their set, the band covered Queen and David Bowie‘s 1981 chart-topper ‘Under Pressure’.

Chaplin signalled the end of the band’s performance by paying tribute to T In The Park.

“I hope this festival rocks on for years and years and years because I hope we’ll be back playing here again,” he said before the band’s final song of the night, ‘Bedshaped’.

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Keane played:

‘The Lovers Are Losing’
‘Everybody’s Changing’
‘Bend & Break’
‘A Bad Dream’
‘This Is The Last Time’
‘Nothing In My Way’
‘Is It Any Wonder?’
‘Again And Again’
‘Perfect Symmetry’
‘Somewhere Only We Know’
‘Crystal Ball’
‘Under Pressure’

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