Keith Urban is ‘horrified’ by reports of alleged sexual assault at his recent Boston concert

Country singer said behaviour was 'in stark contrast to the spirit of our shows'

Keith Urban has posted a statement saying how horrified he was to hear of an alleged sexual assault at one of his recent shows.

The incident took place on the lawn at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, south of Boston, and involved 18-year-old Sean Murphy and a 17-year-old female, previously unknown to Murphy. The incident was captured on mobile phones by onlookers which have since been examined by investigating officers. Murphy has pleaded not guilty to a rape charge, saying the act was consensual. The alleged victim, however, told the bystander who intervened she hadn’t consented.

Urban’s statement, posted to Facebook said: “My team and I were horrified to learn of the events reported in Boston this past weekend and our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected. This type of behaviour stands in stark contrast to the spirit of our shows.”

Several dozen other people were treated for alcohol-related illnesses at the concert, which took place on July 26. A large number were hospitalised – reports suggesting as many as 22 – while around 50 were taken into protective custody for the night. There are several, including Murphy, who are facing further charges.