Kelis brings The Great Escape to a close

The singer played the last big official set on the final night of the Brighton festival

Kelis brought The Great Escape festival to a close last night (May 10).

The singer played The Brighton Dome, opening up her set with a cover of ‘Feeling Good’, as popularised by Nina Simone. Singing unaccompanied, her seven piece band – which included a brass section – then kicked in halfway through the impressive rendition of the classic track.

Kelis was on talkative form throughout the show, telling the crowd early on: “It’s very nice to be here. I like this place. I’m gonna do some old stuff and do some new stuff”. Sporting a tiara as well as an elegant floaty blue evening gown with a sequined bodice, she then informed the crowd of her ‘motive’ for the night. “I’ll let you know my motive, my motive is I bought a new dress and I want to have a good time in it,” she said, giggling.

The show drew heavily from her recently released sixth album ‘Food’, with ‘Jerk Ribs’, ‘Cobbler’, ‘Hooch’, ‘Friday Fish Fry’, ‘Breakfast’, ‘Floyd’ and ‘Rumble’ all making the set, but as promised she also played a host of her classic tracks, including a medley of ‘Get Along With You’, ‘Good Stuff’ and ‘Glow’ in addition to ‘Little Star’, ‘Suspended’, ‘Acapella’ and ‘Trick Me’, the latter of which got the sold out venue dancing and whooping, with Kelis orchestrating a crowd singalong. She also played ‘Milkshake’, the lead single from her 2003 album ‘Tasty’, which had the addition of the horn section. “People ask me ‘do you still like performing ‘Milkshake’?’ and I’m like ‘duh, it’s really fun’,” she said to cheers.

Kelis played:

‘Feeling Good’
‘Friday Fish Fry’
‘Little Star’
‘Forever Be’
‘Trick Me’
‘Get Along With You/Good Stuff/Glow’
‘Bless The Telephone’
‘Jerk Ribs’
‘4th of July (Fireworks)’