Korn’s Jonathan Davis: ‘Skrillex was like a little kid when he worked with us’

Frontman says dubstep producer was in awe of his band

Korn‘s Jonathan Davis has revealed that Skrillex was “like a little kid” when he was in the studio with the band.

In an interview with NME.COM which you can watch by scrolling up to the top of the page and clicking, the frontman revealed that the dubstep producer – real name Sonny Moore – was “amazing to work with”.

Speaking about how he invited Skrillex to work on the band with their 2011 album ‘The Path Of Totality’, he said: “I called him and say ‘Hey man, it’s Jonathan. I wanted to know if you wanted to come write with ‘Korn’. And he was all ‘Fuck yes’. So he came down and he was like a little kid in there.”

Asked about how familiar with him before they worked together, meanwhile, Davis revealed that the producer had once interviewed him for a magazine, adding: “I knew he was a huge Korn fan, and I knew he did some projects called Sonny Moore and over the years I listened to his stuff. I wasn’t talking to him, but I was keeping tabs on him.”

Although Korn and Davis are fans of Skrillex, not everyone is so enamoured with the controversial musician. Talking recently about how people like to criticise him, the electronic artist said: “I’ll post something on Facebook, and then, within two seconds, there are comments: ‘Fuck you dude… you suck… pussy… bitch… faggot… you ruined dubstep… emo’. But if you look at their profiles, they’re so young.”

However, he insisted he doesn’t mind if people slag him off, adding: “I don’t care if people hate me. I mean, I get it. When you were young, you were like, ‘The Backstreet Boys are gay!'”

Skrillex will headline this summer’s South West Four Weekender. The DJ, who released his new EP ‘Bangarang’ in February, will headline the festival’s closing night, with Chase and Status confirmed to close the show on the opening night. SW4 will be Skrillex’s only festival appearance in London of 2012.

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