Lady Gaga’s YouTube account is restored

Singer's online page is back online following copyright dispute

Lady Gaga‘s official YouTube channel has been restored after it was suspended over a copyright claim from a Japanese media company.

The channel was pulled down after footage was posted of her appearance on a TV show called SMAP X SMAP, which featured a medley of songs from her new album, ‘Born This Way’. Footage of that performance was also removed from other websites as well as YouTube.

No reason has yet been given how the dispute was settled after angry bosses at Media Interactive Inc reportedly got the social media giant to rip down her online page.

The singer is one of the most popular artists on YouTube, and was the first person to accumulate one billion views. She has also recently been fighting it out with Justin Bieber for the title of the most watched clip.

But she was recently overtaken by Rihanna as most popular female artist on Facebook.