Lady Gaga: ‘Born This Way download isn’t worth more than 99 cents’

Singer says MP3s are like 'invisible music'

Lady Gaga has said she does not believe her new album ‘Born This Way’ is worth more than 99 cents (60p) when downloaded legally.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, the singer responded to a question about whether she believed her new album was worth more than the 99 cents it was then being sold for on Amazon, by saying: “No, I absolutely do not.”

She continued: “For MP3s and digital music. It’s invisible. It’s in space. If anything, I applaud a company like Amazon, for equating the value of digital versus the physical copy, and giving the opportunity to everyone to buy music.”

Gaga did admit though that the LP wasn’t exactly being sold at that price, as Amazon covered the sales loss. She added: “It also wasn’t really 99 cents, because Amazon paid the difference on all of those purchases as part of their promotional campaign.”

‘Born This Way’ was released last Monday (May 23) and has so far shifted over 1.1 million copies in the US and over 220,000 in the UK.