Lady Gaga unveils Clarence Clemons-featuring video for ‘The Edge Of Glory’

Longtime Bruce Springsteen collaborator suffered a stroke earlier this month

Lady Gaga has unveiled the video for her latest single ‘The Edge Of Glory’ – scroll down and click below to watch it.

The clip features saxophonist and longtime Bruce Springsteen collaborator Clarence Clemons, who plays on the track.

The 69-year-old musician (pictured below) suffered a stroke at his Florida home earlier this month. Springsteen has since said that the “initial signs are encouraging” that Clemons may make a recovery from the “serious” illness.

‘The Edge Of Glory’ video was premiered on US TV show So You Think You Can Dance earlier this week.

A row erupted among Gaga‘s fans shortly after it was posted online a few hours later.

Previous Gaga collaborators, director Joseph Kahn and choreographer Laurieann Gibson, denied being behind the video after Gaga‘s fans bombarded them with tweets.

According to the Los Angeles Times, rumours have circulated that the pair fought at the video shoot and were subsequently dismissed.

Khan tweeted: “I did NOT direct Lady Gaga‘s ‘Edge of Glory’ video. Lady Gaga did”, while Gibson added: “The EOG .. Video was not directed by me.”

Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory