Lady Gaga ‘wants a part in ‘Modern Family” – TV News

'Born This Way' star has approached producers about a role

Lady Gaga has apparently requested a part in US sitcom Modern Family.

The pop superstar is apparently such a fan of the show, which stars Christopher Lloyd, that she has reached out to producers to give her a part.

Show star Jesse Tyler Ferguson revealed Gaga‘s secret on US talk show Live With Regis And Kelly. He said: “She reached out and she wanted to do something with the show but it’s like, how do you incorporate Lady Gaga into Modern Family?”

However, Ferguson added: “We’re actually doing a Lady Gaga episode. Mitchell, my character, wants to go to the Lady Gaga concert, and [his boyfriend] Cameron is supposed to go with me but he’s sick in bed and he’s expecting me to stay home and take care of him. And so I kind of, maybe drug him a little bit so I can sneak out and go to the concert.”