Lana Del Rey says ‘Tropico’ film is ‘coming soon’

The singer has posted a new teaser trailer for the long-awaited project

Lana Del Rey has posted a new teaser video for her Tropico film, adding that it is “coming soon”.

Click above to watch the new, 13-second long trailer, which sees Del Rey praying and asked to be forgiven for her sins before a cowboy type figure appears. The clip was posted to YouTube and Twitter alongside the message “coming soon”.

In August, the singer used Twitter to unveil a new poster for ‘Tropico’ before writing: “I can’t wait to see you at our premiers for Tropico at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and in NYC.” She then posted the following rather ambiguous tweet: “Looking forward to seeing you for the farewell project. I adore you and thank you for inspiring me. TROPICO”.

The tweet drew a flurry of worried replies from fans saying things like “baby explain farewell”, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN FAREWELL PROJECT???” and “HOLD UPPP… FAREWELL?!?! WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN”. She also failed to list the dates for the LA and New York premieres of ‘Tropico’. However, she recently told Nylon about the film, saying: “It’s Elvis and Jesus and Marilyn and extraterrestrials all in one.”

Del Rey also told Nylon about her struggle with writing the follow-up to her debut album, 2012’s ‘Born To Die’. The singer-songwriter has said “I don’t really hear” a second album. Speaking about working on her new LP, she commented: “When people ask me about it, I just have to be honest – I really don’t know… I don’t want to say, ‘Yeah, definitely – the next one’s better than this one,’ because I don’t really hear a next one. My muse is very fickle. She only comes to me sometimes, which is annoying.”