Robert Plant: ‘Led Zeppelin reunion scrapped because it feels incomplete’

Singer says he can't let the band threaten their legacy by reuniting now

Robert Plant has said he feels Led Zeppelin can’t reunite for a full tour and album because the band feels incomplete without original drummer John Bonham.

Plant made reference to Bonham, who died in 1980, during an interview with Ben Jones on Absolute Radio.

“The reason that it stopped was because we were incomplete, and we’ve been incomplete now for 29 years,” he said.

Led Zeppelin have been rumoured to be planning a full reunion since playing a one-off gig at London‘s O2 Arena in 2007.

However, in recent months, Plant confirmed that he is not interested in bringing the band back properly.

During the interview, he further explained his reasons for not wanting to reunite, saying that he doesn’t want to jeopardise Led Zeppelin‘s legacy.

He admitted: “I think the thing about it is really, is that to visit old ground, it’s a very incredibly delicate thing to do, and the disappointment that could be there once you commit to that and the comparisons to something that was basically fired by youth and a different kind of exuberance to now, its very hard to go back and meet that head on and do it justice.”

Plant also confirmed that he had started work on new material with Alison Krauss, with whom he collaborated on the acclaimed 2007 album ‘Raising Sand’.

“Last night’s title for the next project was called ‘A Gated Community’, because it’s like being in a loony bin,” he joked.

You can listen to the interview on Absolute Radio now.