Lil’ Wayne and Birdman sued for copyright infringement

Man claims voice was used without permission

Lil Wayne and New Orleans rapper Birdman are being sued by a man who claims they used vocals of his without permission for their 2006 joint album ‘Like Father, Like Son’, as well as Birdman‘s ‘5 (Star) Stunna’.

Thomas Marasciullo claims spoken-word recordings of his which the pair asked him to put to tape were used on the records, so he is suing for unspecified damages, reports BBC News.

Marasciullo claims he first discovered that the “Italian-style spoken-word recordings” he made ended up on the records after his daughter was attempting to buy a song, ‘Respect’, they were allegedly used on for a ringtone.

He is suing the rappers’ record label Cash Money Record, plus various music distribution outlets.