Lil Wayne’s one-year jail sentence postponed by courthouse fire

Rapper was due to begin his incarceration today (March 2)

Lil Wayne‘s jail sentencing has been postponed today (March 2), after the Manhattan court building he was due to be sentenced in caught on fire.

The blaze, which broke out in the court’s boiler room, resulted in the building being evacuated and closed for the rest of the day.

The rapper is scheduled to begin a one-year incarceration for gun crime relating to an incident in 2007 in New York, when police officers found a handgun on his tourbus.

The jail-term was originally due to start last month, but was postponed until today so Wayne could have dental surgery.

In a video message the rapper sent to MTV News, Wayne revealed he is ready to go to jail.

“I’m ready, I’m all smiles,” he explained. “They can’t break my strength. They can only lock me up physically. They can’t lock up my mind. They can’t lock up my heart. They can only take my time because the law allows them to.”

He added: “Time is precious, but love is life. So therefore in the end my love will prevail.”

Lil Wayne will now begin his jail term tomorrow (March 3).

As previously reported, Lil Wayne prepared for his jail sentence by shooting seven new music videos.