Lily Allen in Twitter row with vegans after Comic Relief pig competition

'Some of these vegans are loonies' singer writes after offering followers the chance to save or kill one of her pigs

Lily Allen has become embroiled in a spat on Twitter after she offered her followers the chance to save or kill one of her pigs in a challenge to raise £1 million for Comic Relief.

The singer received a series of angry messages from vegan campaigners on the social networking site following her appeal in which she initially asked her followers to join her Comic Relief Twitter team and for every £50 they raised, she would tweet about their charitable endeavors.

However, as an extra incentive, Allen – now known by her married name Lily Cooper – then went on to tweet that she would reward the highest bidder on her Twitter team with the honour of having one of her pigs named after them. Once the pig was slaughtered, the winner would receive either bacon or sausages from it.

She wrote: “I will name one of my pigs after you and send you the sausages and bacon from it when I kill it. Join my #twittermillion team. Please,” before adding: “Or if you’re a vegetarian you can choose to spare the pig.”

After receiving abuse from campaigners on the social networking site, she replied that she: “wasn’t slaughtering a pig for charity” and that she “keeps pigs that are bred for the purpose of eating.” But the wave of angry messages continued resulting in the singer ranting: “Jesus.f***ng.christ. Some of these vegans are loonies, more vitriolic than the most misguided of Cheryl (Cole)’s Soldiers. #nuhnight.”

Allen previously had a long running spat with Cole which was reignited last year when the singer tweeted that “40% of Girls Aloud will have been charged with assault” following Sarah Harding’s row with her then boyfriend Theo. She was referencing Cole’s 2003 conviction for assaulting a toilet attendent.

The singer recently made her live comeback last month in France where she performed her song ‘Smile’ for a gig at Paris Fashion Week.