Tory leader David Cameron: ‘Lily Allen is unsuitable’

But Conservative leader bigs up Florence And The Machine

Conservative Party leader David Cameron has said that he thinks Lily Allen‘s music is “unsuitable” for his six-year-old daughter.

Cameron told Shortlist that instead of Allen, whose lyrics allude to blow jobs, drugs and orgasms, he would prefer his daughter Nancy listening to music from The Jungle Book.

“I got one of those [iPod] connections for the car and my daughter is obsessed by Lily Allen, who I think is slightly unsuitable,” he admitted. “So a bit of a fight takes place. ‘I want to listen to Lily Allen.’ ‘No, it’s The Jungle Book.’ And in the tussle it broke [the connector].”

The Tory leader went on to say that he had bought Florence And The Machine‘s album ‘Lungs’ recently, and added: “I have the occasional country and western moments too. Eilen Jewell – very good.”