Lily Allen says she ‘doesn’t have the right to judge people about drugs’

Watch the star discuss drugs in a new video interview

Lily Allen has said that she does not have the “right” to judge people about drug use.

This morning (January 8) Allen’s record company released a statement saying she did not condone drug use following controversial comments regarding cocaine use, which were condemned by drugs charities.

In an exclusive NME.COM video interview, which you can watch by clicking below, the singer said she did not see herself as an authority on the subject.

“It’s such a big thing, drugs, such a taboo subject,” she said. “Maybe it is just me and the environment I’ve grown up in, but literally everyone I know is on drugs, or has been.

“I haven’t got a right to tell people to ease up on their views on it, or that taking drugs is a good thing or a bad thing. I’m not well-educated enough on the subject, but I can observe what I see, and that’s what I’ve done.”

Watch the video by clicking below.

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