Lily Allen’s dog returned

‘Maggie May’ reunited with singer

Lily Allen has been reunited with her dog Maggie May after it was stolen from a van in east London on December 28.

Reporting on her official site, the singer said that she had received a call from a man claiming to have bought the dog.

She wrote that friends had met the man and given him a cash reward in return for the pet.

Allen said she was “overjoyed” but added that Maggie May was “very thin” so may have been “mistreated”. The singer added that the matter was now with the RSPCA and the police.

The singer wrote: “These people were obviously in the business of moving dogs. Now I feel guilty for having given these people money and contributing to their cruel business but I love that dog and felt I had no choice.”

Allen added that she had been accused by some people of neglect.

She wrote: “People have been speculating that because Maggie was thin and had fleas she must have run away, Maggie was tied up and in her cage in the back of a van and could not have escaped, she was stolen.”