Friday Afternoon Top 10: Best indie on TV moments

Lily Allen is getting her own show, but which other indie stars have created TV gold?

As previously reported on NME.COM, Lily Allen is in talks with the BBC to present her own show.

Inspired by Lily’s new screen adventure, here are our favourite indie TV moments.

All the videos are on the NME Office Blog now for you to watch.

Serge Kasabian’s ‘Soccer AM’ wonder goal

Last year Serge showed that indie boys can play sport, by belting this beauty of a shot on Sky Sports‘Soccer AM’ show. With those winklepickers, that’s impressive stuff.

Beth Ditto’s ‘Friday Night Project’

Our Beth stepped up to the main table on Channel 4’s ‘Friday Night Project’ last month, and they only went and flashed up her nuddy NME cover shoot.

Bez’s Celebrity Big Brother’ Exit

Baggy dancing sans maracas and a tirade of incomprehensible babble – how else would the Happy Mondays dancer mark his ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ victory?

The Automatic trash the GMTV set

“We need to check the additives in those muffins,” declares an unamused ‘GMTV’ presenter as the Welsh band destroy their equipment while miming to ‘Monster’.

Muse mime on ‘Live And Kicking’

Matt Bellamy doesn’t like being told to mime his TV performances. So he pretends to be an octopus while “playing” his keyboard.

Preston walks out of ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’

Offended by Simon Amstell reading out prose from his wife Chantelle’s book, ‘Living The Dream’, Preston throws a big indie strop and leaves the studio.

Nirvana on ‘The Word’

Kurt and co. play ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ on 1991 show The Word. Glorious chaos ensues.

The Stone Roses power failure on ‘The Late Show’

A perfectionist when it comes to musical issues such as hitting the right singing note, Ian Brown wasn’t amused when the power failed during The Stone Roses‘ appearance on ‘The Late Show’.

Babyshambles on ‘Popworld’

“So what’s the concept of the video?” Simon Amstell asks Pete. “Have you changed your hair?” replies Pete. Before gaffa-taping his own head.

Amy Winehouse ‘sings’ Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’

Make out one word from the jazz-pop warbler’s rendition of the Jacko hit and we’ll send you a fiver (legal note: not really).

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