Lily Allen says she’s already begun work on follow-up to ‘Sheezus’

But singer admits she's unsure whether she 'can stretch to a fifth'

Lily Allen has revealed that he has already begun plotting a follow-up to ‘Sheezus’.

The singer releases the album, which is her third studio record and her first since 2009’s ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’, next week (May 5). Speaking to Q magazine, Allen says she is “halfway through” a fourth LP but admitted she was unsure she would release any new music after that.

When my kids start school I want to really be there,” she said of her future plans. “This was a little pocket of time I had to do this. One last hurrah and then I want to write musicals and songs for other people. I’m already halfway through a fourth album. Whether I can stretch to a fifth, I don’t know.”

Earlier this week (April 29), Allen played her first full show since 2010 with a set at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Opening with a video showing a bottle of baby formula being made and then splitting to form two dripping bottles intended to resemble breasts, Allen played a selection of tracks from the new album in addition to material from her previous two records.

Allen recently revealed that ‘Sheezus’ is, in part, a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse. Speaking about her relationship with the ‘Back To Black’ singer, Allen admits they were acquaintances rather than close friends and talks about the life she led prior to Winehouse’s death in 2011.