Lorde: ‘There is a lot of stupid shit that comes with being lucky enough to do what I do’

The chart-topping singer wrote a blog post around her 17th birthday

Lorde has written a blog about turning 17 on her Tumblr.

In the post she discusses the “stupid shit” that comes along with working in the music industry, but said that a show she recently played in New York made up for it. She wrote: “Last night, i played to a room of people whose names i worship, breathe like fine gold smoke, reverent. There is a lot of stupid shit that comes with being lucky enough to do what i do – a lot of stuff i’d rather skip, if i could – but i wouldn’t have traded last night for anything.”

She also paid tribute to her fans in the piece, adding: “I felt so warm in the arms of these legends who are good enough to have faith in me, weird little screwball that i am. I realize over and over every day just how lucky i am to be here. And that’s down to all of you, as well – regular people in dumb towns who make me feel so loved and strong, and whose hunger i can’t wait to satisfy with more music.”

The singer, who celebrated her 17th birthday yesterday (November 7), said that she would be spending her day in New York walking around the city “listening to stevie nicks and broken social scene”. Read the full post by clicking here. She also wrote about turning 17, saying that “this time last year i was making a soundcloud, and a twitter, and a tumblr, all in the name lorde. i had no clue what was going to happen with the music. i hoped it’d be alright.”

Lorde recently topped the Official UK Singles Chart with her single ‘Royals’. The New Zealand teenager held off X Factor winner James Arthur to claim her first ever UK Number One Single. Speaking about her achievement, Lorde said: “I’m so incredibly stoked about being Number 1 this week and very grateful to all the UK fans who bought Royals!” Last Sunday she was knocked off the top spot by Eminem feat. Rihanna’s ‘The Monster’.