The band update fans via Twitter telling them they all have the virus

Los Campesinos! have told fans that they’ve been diagnosed with swine flu.

Currently on a tour of the UK, the Cardiff Twee-poppers have used Twitter to let fans know that the whole band have contracted the virus.

“ALL OUR BAND IS BEING DIAGNOSED WITH SWINE FLU” the group tweeted via before their gig in Leeds. “AND WE HAVE TO GO ONSTAGE IN TWENTY MINUTES!!”. They added.

Clearing up if the tweet was a joke the band confirmed it wasn’t, stating that “THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!”.

After the gig at The Cockpit, the group also confirmed that they weren’t going to be cancelling any of the remaining dates on their current UK tour, despite having the virus.

As previously reported, Los Campesinos! are set to release their new album ‘Romance Is Boring’ on February 1.