Macy Gray gets career advice from UCLA students

The singer is invited to perform at music business class

Macy Gray is slated to appear as a guest speaker at a class about the music industry, which will be held at UCLA in the spring.

The singer is also set to perform at the Extension course at the prestigious Los Angeles university when the class meets on April 1, the first day of the spring semester.

The class, entitled ‘The Music Business Now: How It Really Works and the People and Events That Influence It’, is taught by The Doors‘ manager, Jeffrey Jampol.

“(Gray) just made a new record that she financed herself,” Jampol told the Los Angeles Times. “She owns it, and she’s going to market it independently. She’s coming into the class the first week, and she’ll perform and play the new record. Then, as part of their final, the students are going to help write a marketing plan as to how to break this record.”

The course is open to UCLA students as well as the general public for a $595 fee.

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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