Morrissey labels Madonna as ‘McDonna’

Former Smiths man calls Madge's vocal ability into question

Morrissey has called Madonna “McDonna” and called into question her vocal ability.

Speaking to Billboard, the former Smiths frontman compared Madonna unfavourably with legendary French singer Edith Piaf.

He said: “It is actually fraudulent, and the exact opposite of erotic. Edith Piaf was seven inches high, always wore a modest black dress, and sang without stage sets or lights, and her voice roared above the wind, with the most incredible powers of communication. I’d like to see McDonna [Madonna] attempt that.”

The singer added some more information about his forthcoming autobiography, he said: “I see (the book) as the sentimental climax to the last 30 years. It will not be published until December 2012, which gives me just enough time to pack all I own in a box and disappear to central Brazil. The innocent are named and the guilty are protected.”

Morrissey made the news earlier this week when it was widely reported that fans attending his recent live show in Middlesbrough were searched in case they were carrying any meat on their person. He headlines two gigs in London next month.