Madonna directed film ‘W.E.’ picked up by Weinstein Company

Independently made romantic drama heading to US screens

Madonna‘s new film, W.E., telling the story of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, has been picked up for distribution in the United States by the Weinstein Company.

The film centres around Wally, played by Abbie Cornish, and her obsession with the relationship between Britain’s King Edward VIII and his lover Wallis Simpson at the start of the Second World War.

While W.E. marks Madonna‘s first big release, her directorial début, Filth and Wisdom, was released in 2008 to critical derision.

But Company head Harvey Weinstein said, “Madonna has really come into her own as a filmmaker with W.E.”, labelling it: “A terrific addition to our US release slate.”

The story of ‘The King and The Divorcee’ was referenced in the multi-Oscar winning The King’s Speech earlier this year with Guy Pearce playing Edward as a care-free playboy very much under the thumb of Wallis.

Madonna called W.E. a film about, “the nature of true love, and the sacrifices and compromises that are often made.”

Madonna‘s film career in front of the camera has been somewhat mixed in terms of success. Having won a Golden Globe for Evita in 1997 she has since picked up the less than prestigious honour of being nominated the Worst Actress of the Decade by the Razzies.