And she continues her attacks on Sarah Palin

Madonna was joined onstage by Pharrell Williams in New York last night (October 11).

The N.E.R.D star – who part-produced the star’s current album ‘Hard Candy’ as well as appearing on a number of tracks – made a surprise appearance at Madison Square Garden.

He appeared on the stage for ‘Give It 2 Me’, the final song of her current ‘Sticky And Sweet’ live show, according to the BBC.

Previously, Williams‘ parts on the song had been pre-recorded, and he appeared on a video screen.

Last night’s show also saw Madonna continue her recent attacks on Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Playing a screeching note on her guitar, she said: “This is the sound of Sarah Palin thinking.”

Later, after ‘Express Yourself’, she said: “I’d like to express myself to Sarah Palin right now.”

And as she threw condoms into the crowd, she claimed that they would promote safe sex because they have a picture of Palin‘s face on them.

She had previously banned Palin from attending her shows.