Mariah Carey and Lena Dunham team up to take down ‘angry men’ trolls

Stars show support to Lauren Duca amid row with Fox News host Tucker Carlson

Mariah Carey and Lena Dunham have shown their support to Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca, teaming up to help take down “angry men” trolls.

Duca was recently the subject of a closing segment by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who took objection to a letter Hillary Clinton had written to Duca that applauded the author’s work in making the internet a better place for women. Carlson and Duca had clashed in a previous interview about Ivanka Trump late last year.

Reacting to Carlson’s segment, Duca tweeted: “This is actually insane?”, leading to the support of Girls creator Dunham, who replied: “I have had to invoke Mariah Carey a lot over the years when it comes to angry men: ‘why you so obsessed with me?'”.

After Duca sent Dunham a Mariah GIF in response, Carey then chiming in by saying: “Feel free to invoke me anytime #girls!” Dunham responded in disbelief, writing: “This is not a drill. @laurenduca I repeat this is not a drill. MARIAH”.

See the entire Twitter exchange below.

Earlier this year saw Martin Shkreli banned from Twitter after harassment claims made by Duca.

The writer said that she became “disturbed” when Shkreli changed his Twitter profile to include a collage of photos of her, plus a profile picture which photoshopped his face onto that of her husband’s.