Mark Ronson and Lennon jam, Winehouse on Titchmarsh – what we’ve learnt on Twitter (Nov 6)

All the best Tweets from your favourite musicians

It’s been another busy week, and our favourite musicians have once again been sharing their thoughts in 140 characters or less on Twitter. Here’s what we’ve learned from their posts, including Mark Ronson jamming with Sean Lennon while Yoko Ono looks on, KlaxonsJamie Reynolds auditioning for a new rhythm section and Amy Winehouse tweeting about Alan Titchmarsh.

Here’s some of the best tweets from the past week, spelling mistakes and all:

Eddie Argos, Art Brut: I have started a new folder on my Desktop ‘Art Brut Album 4’ It already has three and a bit songs in it. Well the lyrics to songs.

Mick Quinn, Supergrass: The Supergrass working week begins, Danny coming up to Oxford today, best turn off the computer and put some pants on.

Rivers Cuomo, Weezer: Tested negative for swine flu today.

The Futureheads: R: Rehearsal at 12,then off to Old Trafford. Jaff‘s training for next year’s London Marathon, so he’s hitting the gym big time. B+D=chillin.

Mark Ronson: @seanonolennon & I practicing in the Fallon dressing room while @yokoono looks on, allknowing

Jamie Reynolds, Klaxons: i’m looking for a young , enthusiastic , London based rhythm section for a punk band i’m looking after – all enquiries here

Amy Winehouse: watch my babygyal Dionne Bromfield on the Alan Titchmarsh Show 3pm-4pm on ITV. Then buy the album again!x

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