Mark Ronson: ‘Why there’s no brass or covers on my album’ – video

Ronson has changed direction for new effort 'Record Collection'

Mark Ronson has explained why his new album ‘Record Collection’ doesn’t feature any brass instruments or covers on it.

In a video interview with NME, which you can watch on the right of your screen now, Ronson says his strong association with both – mainstays on his 2007 album ‘Version’ – forced him to change musical direction this time round.

“I guess [being associated with brass] became a bit of a running joke,” he said. “It was like, ‘Ah, here comes Ronson and his merry band of trumpeters or tromboners’.”

He added: “The reason there’s not much brass on this record – there isn’t any brass actually – is because I didn’t really know anything about what I was gonna do on this album, except that I knew that there would be no horns and no covers.”

Watch the full video interview on the right of your screen now. Pick up the new issue of NME (out nationwide from August 4) for an exclusive cover story interview with Ronson.

Ronson is releasing ‘Record Collection’ on September 27 under the moniker Mark Ronson And The Business Intl. It features collaborations with The ZutonsDave McCabe, Kaiser ChiefsNick Hodgson, Boy George and The DrumsJonathan Pierce among others.

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