Mark Ronson on Obama win: ‘It felt like the whole world won the Super Bowl’

Superproducer says New York 'went apeshit'

Mark Ronson voted for the first time ever in the US yesterday, having obtained US citizenship specifically to do so.

Ronson, who was working with The Rumble Strips as the election results started to come in, said that the band halted recording in order to watch Obama‘s acceptance speech live from Grant Park in Chicago.

“We were all sort of floored by it, he was so incredibly moving, genuine, princely and intelligent, we all watched it in dead silence,” Ronson told NME.COM today.

Ronson also revealed his pride at being able to vote in one of the most significant elections in the country’s history, saying: “It was the first time I was allowed to vote in the US and it felt amazing to be a part of history.”

After the results, Ronson DJed an election party thrown by Q-Tip before taking to the streets with the celebratory masses.

“It felt like the whole world had won the Super Bowl,” he said. “People were going apeshit with elation. I proceeded to get completely tanked. People were climbing on top of cranes. I’m pretty sure that I might have climbed atop a crane.”

–By our New York staff.

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