Matisyahu issues apology after telling fan her baby is ‘ugly as fuck’

Jewish rapper involved in online spat following 'disappointing' Texas gig

Matisyahu has been forced to apologise after an online spat with a female fan that saw him call her child “ugly”.

The argument began following a gig in The Woodlands, Texas on Sunday (August 7), what the fan in question labelled as “his worst performance”.

Matisyahu was opening for 311 and Sublime With Rome, with one local paper describing his performance as consisting of “standing in the corner making noises and jumping around”.

He also allegedly made a reference to Dallas at the end of the gig, despite The Woodlands being a neighbouring area of Houston.

Taking her frustrations to Facebook on Monday (August 8), the fan wrote that she “wasn’t disappointed in the art” but “disappointed in how sloppy you were and the asshole you’ve become”, according to Stereogum.

Responding directly to the criticism, Matisyahu said: “The same reason it was the worst for you is why it was the best for me. I’m not here to entertain you.”

He went on to add: “Do you know what it’s like to sleep on a bus and wake up everyday in a parking lot where every amphitheatre looks the same?” before concluding: “I would just like to say that your child is ugly as fuck and your name is stupid.”

Matisyahu later issued a lengthy apology on Facebook, saying: “I come across a lot of hate, critique, and opinionated people… Some musicians out there might have tougher skin but it breaks my heart every night and gets into my head. In my weaker moments I fire back with a response or try to explain myself or defend myself and it usually ends in ugliness.”


Addressing the aforementioned spat, the Jewish rapper continued: “To the lady I insulted last night I’m sorry. I got angry and defensive and yes your comments hurt and yes I read all your comments because at the end of the day I feel it’s more important to connect with the people who actually have some purpose or need to be listened to.”

“From now on I will try my best not to respond to negative comments. Fire away! I will keep making the music that I feel is important and if you don’t like it and feel the need to tell me then I accept it all with a broken heart and it will feed the emotion in my music. Have a lovely day. Houston we have landed.”

Matisyahu has also released a new song called ‘Love Born’ in “honour of all the haters”.