Maximo Park’s Paul Smith: ‘Solo album is born from seven-year itch’

Frontman speaks about releasing his own record

Maximo Park‘s Paul Smith has spoken about how he made a solo album because he had a “seven-year itch” in the band.

The singer is releasing his own record, ‘Margins’, on October 11. He told NME that he thought he was making his own album for the same reason that The KillersBrandon Flowers and Bloc Party‘s Kele Okereke have.

“I do think it’s a seven-year itch,” he suggested. “Bloc Party and The Killers started around the same time as us and I think if you’re a creative individual your interests are going to be all over the place. It makes sense to do something a bit different.”

‘Margins’ is being released on Smith’s own record label, Billingham Records.

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