US Army using Metallica, The Offspring, Thin Lizzy songs in their fight against the Taliban

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Troops are blasting out loud music from a converted military vehicle

The US army are using songs by Metallica, The Offspring and Thin Lizzy in their fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

According to the Associated Press, special forces are understood to be using loud music in a bid to filter out insurgents from a desolate farming community in Marjah.

Taliban hate that music,” one US special forces officer explained. “some locals complain but it’s a way to push them to choose. It’s motivating Marines as well,”

Using a converted military vehicle which is fitted with “powerful speakers” that can be heard up to two miles away, the troops are playing songs including The Offspring‘s ‘Pretty Fly For A White Guy’.

Despite reports of the “Psychological Operations”, Lieutenant Colonel Brian Christmas, the commander of US Marines in northern Marjah, has condemned the tactic, saying “it’s inappropriate” and that he is “going to ask this to stop right now.”