Band usher in new effort with timer on official website

MGMT will release their new album ‘Congratulations’ this April, the duo have announced

MGMT have put a countdown timer on their official website,, which is due to end on April 13 (the album is released on April 12 in the UK). The site also contains a webcam image of a beach.

The album was produced by the band plus Pete ‘Sonic Boom’ Kember of Spaceman 3. It also features a guest vocal from Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux.

The tracklisting of ‘Congratulations’ is:

‘It’s Working’
‘Song for Dan Treacy’
‘Someone’s Missing’
‘Flash Delirium’
‘I Found a Whistle’
‘Siberian Breaks’
‘Brian Eno’
‘Lady Dada’s Nightmare’