New Miles Davis biopic trailer released

Don Cheadle stars in the new film

A new trailer for the Miles Davis biopic has been released today. Produced by and starring Don Cheadle also co-wrote the script for Miles Ahead.

The film focuses on a period of the Davis’ life in the ’70s when he took a break from music. Cheadle is backed by a cast including Ewan McGregor as Rolling Stone writer Dave Brill and American actress Emayatzy Corinealdi as Davis’ wife Frances Taylor.

Speaking to the Wallstreet Journal in 2012, Cheadle explained that “It’s not a cradle to grave story.It’s not a biopic, per se. It’s a gangster pic. It’s a movie Miles Davis would have wanted to star in.”


He continued, stating “Without throwing away history, we’re trying to shuffle it and make it more cubist. The bulk of it takes place in ’79, in a period where he wasn’t actually playing music. But we traverse a lot of it in his life.”

Directed by Don Cheadle, Miles Ahead is released on April 1 in the US and April 22 in the UK. You can watch the trailer below.