Kathleen Hanna says Miley Cyrus collaboration would be ‘fate’

Punk singer reached out to Cyrus after she posted Bikini Kill-era pictures on Instagram

Kathleen Hanna has said that she believes collaborating with Miley Cyrus is “fate”.

The former Bikini Kill singer, and current leader of The Julie Ruin, reached out to Cyrus about working together earlier this week after Cyrus posted pictures of Hanna on Instagram.

Speaking about the album she feels “only Cyrus can make”, Hanna told Refinery 29 that she and her friends regularly discuss different styles the pop star should adopt.

“‘What if she did a record like this? Like, what if she did a record like this?’ We just came up with this crazy idea,” she said. “And, then when she put my picture up, my bandmate Kenny [Mellman] sent it to me. I was like, ‘This is kind of fate. I should write to her.’ But, I didn’t know anybody was going to actually read it.”

The Julie Ruin recently had to cancel their European dates as Hanna suffered a relapse of Lyme disease. Hanna has suffered from the chronic condition since 2005, leaving Le Tigre that year because of health issues that were later diagnosed as caused by the condition. All summer shows were pulled as Hanna underwent a three-month course of treatment for the debilitating illness.