Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom compares his album ‘Good Times’ to David Guetta and Tiesto

Internet tycoon says his music is 'always upbeat, always happy'

Megaupload tycoon Kim Dotcom has compared his debut album ‘Good Times’ to David Guetta and Tiesto.

Dotcom is currently residing in New Zealand awaiting court rulings which will determine if he will be extradited to the US to face a copyright battle over his site Megaupload, which was shut down by the US Department of Justice in January 2012.

Speaking in a new interview in this week’s issue of NME, on newsstands now and available digitally Dotcom reveals the reasons behind his decision to embark on his own recording career. “Always upbeat, always happy, always putting you in a good mood,” he says of the album. “That’s what I want to achieve with my music.”

Although Dotcom doesn’t play any instruments or sing on the album, he insists: “David Guetta doesn’t do that. Benny Benassi doesn’t do that. Tiesto doesn’t. I’m just like that.” Describing himself as a “sound engineer”, he adds: “I know what people will think. They’ll think I just bought some people to do my music for me, but they’re totally wrong.”

Dotcom also recently announced plans to launch his own streaming service Baboom, which he discusses at length in the interview. The service will allow artists to decide what their album is worth, and receive a cut of advertising even if they decide not to charge anything.