Morrissey: Lady Gaga is ‘terribly nice’

However, the former Smith admits he doesn’t care for her music

Morrissey has called Lady Gaga “terribly nice”, but has admitted that he isn’t into her music.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the former Smiths frontman also commented on Gaga’s meat dress.

Asked about the singer, he said: “I’ve met her and she’s terribly nice. I find that it isn’t wise to attempt to judge people on their public persona, and even on the music they make. Because I’ve met so many people whose music I cannot stand, and they’re very nice.”

He added: “At the same time, I’ve met people whose music I’ve loved, and they’re not the person you’ve invested all this emotion in. And that’s your fault – I mean my fault. Lady Gaga is terribly nice. And her name is very funny, I think. I don’t think her music was ever designed to appeal to people like me. It’s not my type of music.”

Morrissey, a staunch vegetarian, said that he was confused about the meaning behind Gaga’s meat dress.

“I think people didn’t question it too deeply – they simply saw it as ‘today’s loony idea’. But I like to assume that Gaga had the same notion. If it’s a social and political statement, it’s acceptable. If it isn’t a social and political statement, I don’t really see the point.”

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