Faber editor presses Morrissey to complete autobiography

It would be a 'publishing dream' to have the book come out on Faber, Lee Brackstone writes

A senior editor at publishing company Faber & Faber has written an open letter to Morrissey, urging the former Smiths singer to publish his autobiography through the firm.

In the letter, Lee Brackstone said that Faber & Faber would be the perfect home for Morrissey to release his autobiography. The singer, who recently published a short story about the Moors Murders which he said will feature in his eventual autobiography, is working on his memoirs at present.

“I have been trying to persuade you of the virtues and wisdom of this for some years now. You probably won’t remember,” Brackstone wrote on Thethoughtfox.co.uk.

“Our shelves groan and bulge and spill over under the weight of Ezra, Larkin, Hughes and Heaney. And that’s just the surface; deep as it may seem. We feel very strongly that you belong in this company,” he explained.

“To me (and to many of my colleagues) you are already in this company. It would be the fulfilment of my most pressing and persistent publishing dream to see that ‘ff‘ sewn into the spine of your Life. Just any other publisher won’t do. You deserve Faber and the love we can give you. History demands it; destiny commands it.”

Brackstone added: “Morrissey, the doors of our Georgian Bloomsbury-based publishing house are open to you wherever you may be: Rome, LA, Manchester.”

In 2008, Morrissey said his memoirs would span his entire career.