Morrissey tells Katy Perry not to wed Russell Brand

Mancunian icon offers 'California Gurl' some advice over tea

Morrissey has warned singer Katy Perry against marrying comedian and actor Russell Brand.

Perry has revealed that whilst having tea with the star when she met him for the first time, he told her not to tie the knot with Brand.

“He’s Russell’s mate and he is fascinating but he was giving us a hard time about getting married. He swooned and sighed, ‘Oh, left hand third finger, don’t do it’. It was just so eloquent and poetic and like one of his songs,” said Perry, reports The Sun.

The pair have still invited Morrissey to their wedding, which is set to take place in India this autumn. However, Perry added that his attendance might not be the best idea.

She admitted: “It would be great to have him at the wedding but I told him, ‘We can’t have a Mr Misery like you messing things up.’”