Morrissey heaps praise on The Courteeners

Ex-Smiths feels the love for Manchester youngsters

Morrissey has lent his support to The Courteeners once more.

The Smiths legend has been a vocal supporter of his fellow Mancunians in the past, even going to see them play live.

Now the star has repeated the endorsement in a new interview in the US.

Speaking to radio station KRWC, the singer heaped praise on the band. “Every song was very strong and full of hooks and full of dynamics,” he said. “I thought, ‘This is great’.”

Morrissey continued: “Because so many groups in England, they’re hyped and they’re huge and they’re all over the press and they don’t really actually have anything on offer… but it’s different with The Courteeners, they actually do have very good, strong songs.”

He added: “I think they will make it here (in the US) and I think you’ll come across them.”