Muse slam their label over free music streaming stance

Band 'disappointed' with Warner Music's view

Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme has revealed his band’s disappointment in their record label’s decision to stop licensing acts on the company’s roster for free streaming services such as Spotify and We 7.

Earlier this month Warner Music CEO Edgar Bromfman announced that none of the label’s artists’ future releases would be licensed to the services, as “free streaming services are clearly not positive for the industry” – although already-available back catalogues would remain.

The Devon band, who are one of the biggest acts on Warner Music – also home to R.E.M and Red Hot Chili Peppers – argued that the decision will take their music, and the music of their labelmates, away from the ears of potential fans.

Wolstenholme told BBC Newsbeat, “It’s like taking your song off the radio, isn’t it? The corporations are setting the rules on these things because they’re clutching at straws. They’ve lost so much money on record sales because of the internet.”

He added, “As far as bands are concerned, you just want people to hear your music whichever way they can.”