Emo rockers network their way to Liza Minnelli

My Chemical Romance have credited Madonna’s publicist Liz Rosenberg with convincing Liza Minnelli to appear on ’The Black Parade’.

Singing and Oscar-winning acting legend Minnelli features on the track ’Mama’ from their new album.

Searching for a female vocalist for the track, the band told producer Rob Cavallo that Minnelli was top of their list.

Singer Gerard Way said: “We have discussed a woman forever but then I eventually I just did the woman’s voice. I was like, ‘It just seems like such a cop out.’

“He (Cavallo) said: ‘Well, who do you want to get?’ and I was like ‘We should get Liza Minnelli. Why not?’

“(Cavallo) called Liz Rosenberg, who is her publicist, and got her to do it.”