Peter Hook: ‘Bernard Sumner’s a twat and always has been’

Stephen Morris also reveals 'there's no future for New Order'

Former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook has said that his former bandmate Bernard Sumner is “a twat and always has been”.

In an interview with The Guardian, Hook said that the squabbling between he and his former bandmates was “pathetic” and described them as “a bunch of old fat men always arguing”, while drummer Stephen Morris – who also played with both groups – emphasised that there were no future plans for the band.

Although the former bandmates are currently all promoting ‘Total’, a new compilation of remastered Joy Division and New Order material, they all insisted that there was little chance of the group reuniting following their split in 2007.

Hook – who went on to form the band Freebass with Primal Scream’s Mani and The SmithsAndy Rourke before they also disbanded last year – said: “The truth is, Bernard’s a twat and always has been. We’re a bunch of fat old men arguing. It’s pathetic, really, but we’re all happy to keep on doing it.”

Morris, meanwhile, said: “There’s no future for New Order. It’s hard to draw a line under everything, but I think we have.” Sumner added: “Too many things have been said and done. We’ve spent our life as an outfit with principles and ideals and what Peter has done goes against everything we’ve stood for.”

Sumner is currently the singer of Bad Lieutenant, which also features former New Order members Morris and Phil Cunningham. They released their debut album ‘Never Cry Another Tear’ in 2009.