Single banned after it’s revealed as an advert

Band created by Saatchi & Saatchi

The track ’Style, Attract, Play’ by Shocka Feat. Honeyshot has been banned by Radio 1 after it was revealed it was an advert for Shockwaves hair styling products.

The song, which had been played by DJs Judge Jules and Annie Nightingale, was pulled from the airwaves after it was revealed that the band Honeyshot were created by the advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi.

The pop group is said to have been made so that companies could buy them “off the shelf” and covertly promote their brands.

The title of the song is the same as Shockwaves current advertising slogan of: “Style, Attract, Play.”

A Radio 1 spokesperson said: “The track was presented to Radio 1 in the usual way, via a legitimate promotions company and we were not award that it was a promotional tool for a hair product.

“As this is created by an advertising agency with the sole purpose of selling this product, and we do not play adverts, it is not something we would play again.”

The track has also been played by XFM and Kiss.

Initially a press officer for Shockwaves denied all knowledge of the song, but later admitted that “there may be a link” between the two.

In an interview with Sunday Times last year Andrew Wilkie,the managing director of Gum the company’s content division which created the band said Honeyshot offered a wealth of opportunity.

He said: “It could be as simple as sponsorship of a tour through to clothing that could be worn, drinks, cosmetics- all that stuff is possible.”

Saatchi & Saatchi have yet to comment, reports The Guardian.