!!! ready to return to studio

It's only two months since their last album came out

!!! are already planning a return to the studio just two months after the release of their latest album.

The Brooklyn septet’s new long-player ‘Myth Takes’ hit shelves in March, but drummer and vocalist John Pugh says they are keen to rework existing tunes and record new ones.

“I’d like to at least do some new versions of songs from this record,” he told Billboard.com, “I don’t know if you’d call them remixes, though.

“We’ve been playing around with this thing on tour where we took the last kind of rave-up instrumental break from ‘Bend Over Beethoven’ and developed it into its own little entity that’s really stripped down and a completely different texture for the band.

“We think it could be a little treat for people who have been hanging out with ‘Myth Takes’ for a while and know the record. And then maybe some other songs will come out while we’re in doing that.”