Stefan Wohl is on a reckless endangerment rap...

The driver for [url=]THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND who allegedly dumped human waste onto a busy river cruiser has been charged with reckless conduct.

The incident, last August, saw tonnes of waste dumped over a bridge, covering passengers on board a boat on a river in Chicago.

According to the BBC, surveillance cameras traced the shit back to the band’s bus and its driver Stefan Wohl, 42.

Although nobody was injured, 100 people were said to be affected by the showering, and at least one of them has taken action against Wohl and the band.

Pending a hearing in March, Wohl also faces charges of polluting the river. He denies all of the charges, which each carry a penalty of up to a year’s imprisonment.

[url=]The Dave Matthews Band offered their “deepest apologies” to the passengers and offered $100,000 to environmental groups working to keep the river clean.