Mick Jagger blamed by Brazil fans for their 7-1 World Cup defeat

Brazilian TV station dubs Stones frontman 'the biggest jinx in history' after he attended the match

Mick Jagger has been blamed by a Brazilian TV station for Brazil’s record-breaking 7-1 World Cup semi-final defeat by Germany yesterday (July 8).

Jagger has endured a six-game losing streak at the World Cup since 2010, by publicly endorsing countries who promptly lose. It even led to Brazil fans dressing cut-outs of The Rolling Stones singer in the colours of Chile and Colombia before their victories over those countries. But they lost when Jagger and his son Lucas attended the Germany game in Belo Horizonte.

Jagger has been dubbed “The Angel Of Doom” by upset Brazilians, while TV station R7 called him “the biggest jinx in history” following the 7-1 thrashing, which was both Brazil’s biggest-ever defeat and the heaviest loss in a World Cup semi-final in the tournament’s 84-year history.

The run of bad luck began at the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, when Jagger watched England’s 4-1 second round defeat by Germany. He went with Bill Clinton to see the USA lose 2-1 to Ghana in the same round, before wearing a Brazil shirt during their 2-1 loss to the Netherlands in the quarter-final.

At the current World Cup, Jagger tweeted the England team a good luck message before they lost 2-1 to Italy, then announced during a Rolling Stones gig in Lisbon that Portugal would win the tournament. Portugal failed to reach the second round, as did Italy after Jagger said at a Stones show in Rome that Italy would win their vital group game against Uruguay. Italy lost 1-0.

Although Jagger wore a neutral’s England baseball cap during the semi-final, his 15-year-old son Lucas is Brazilian. Fans had carried a cut-out of Jagger in a Germany kit with a speech bubble saying “Let’s go, Germany!” outside the stadium.

Lucas’ mother, Brazilian model Luciana Giminez, defended Jagger, saying: “He’s suffering cyber-bullying, and I’d ask people to think before doing it. He’s been successful for 50 years and is a good friend and father to my son.”