The Starting Line end hiatus and start writing new music

Philadelphia punks reunite: 'everything seems as exciting as when we first started out'

The Starting Line have spoken up about their recent live shows and their plans for the future following their previous break-up.

The Philadelphia pop punkers originally split in 2008, but have played a series of one-off shows together since, touring both Australia and the UK. This week (June 7) the band’s guitarist Matt Watts addressed rumours about an official reunion in a statement on

“As you’ve probably noticed, The Starting Line has become slightly more active, and we even have a few new songs in the works. The main reason behind the break was to take some time and evaluate things,” says Watts. “After taking a much needed break, we’re all at a point where we truly love and appreciate what we were able to do together, and genuinely miss playing shows, writing, and being around one another.”

“Playing shows with the band, and even just getting together to hang out has been more fun than ever, everything is feeling great and natural, and seems as exciting as when we first started out. There’s just an undeniable chemistry and energy present that seemed to be lacking near the end of things.”

“That being said, we’re playing more shows and writing new music, but there’s no specific timeline that we’re on, nor do we have any real plans (as of right now), to be touring full time. We’ll keep you guys updated on any new developments!”