Robbie Williams ‘apologises’ to Noel Gallagher over ‘man boobs’ feud

Take That man has offered olive branch to ex-Oasis leader, apparently

Robbie Williams has apparently emailed Noel Gallagher to apologise over the latest chapter in the long-running spat between the pair.

The Take That man suggested that the ex-Oasis leader could “lick his arse” at one of the band’s ‘Progress’ tour dates at Wembley Stadium earlier this month (July 1).

Gallagher soon responded with a jibe of his own, making light of Williams‘ recent admission that he’d had hormone replacement treatment by saying he’d “rather suck on his man boobs”.

However, The Sun reckons that Williams has been in contact with Gallagher since and wants to “draw a line under the whole charade”.

The usual unnamed source revealed: “He was telling a few of the guys backstage how he sent an e-mail to Noel, via his people, about how much he respected him and admired his career.

“He even saw the funny side and called himself D-Cup over the man boob jibe.”

Earlier this week, Gallagher announced details of his debut solo album ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ and revealed plans to play live later this year.

He also spoke about the fall out with Liam Gallagher that led to Oasis calling it quits in 2009, claiming that his brother “nearly took his face off” with a guitar.

You can watch the press conference in full below.